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Houses of West


Six Houses - ONE FAMILY

Each and every student is an important and valuable part of West Elementary School. 

Like each student here at West,each House represents their own unique strengths and abilities. There is no House that has more value than another House, just like there is no student here that has more value than another student. We are all unique and special in our own way - and that is what makes our school and community so special.

  • House Color: Red

  • House Mascot: The Tiger

  • Character Trait: Passion

  • Assembly Cheer: “West!”

  • House Color: Blue

  • House Mascot: The Owl

  • Character Trait: Wisdom

  • Assembly Cheer: “IS!” 

  • House Color: Purple

  • House Mascot: The Deer

  • Character Trait: Kindness & Compassion

  • Assembly Cheer: “BEST!”

  • House Color: Orange

  • House Mascot: The Lion

  • Character Trait: Strength & Courage

  • Assembly Cheer: “GO!”

  • House Color: Green

  • House Mascot: The Elephant

  • Character Trait: Friendship & Kinship

  • Assembly Cheer: “BULL!”

  • House Color: Yellow

  • House Mascot: The Eagle

  • Character Trait: Artistry & Creativity

  • Assembly Cheer: “DOGS!”

House Token Guidelines

  • The house system at West is in place to encourage and build a sense of community and teamwork across the school! And also to encourage students to strive to meet high expectations each day.

  • Students may earn tokens in a variety of ways as the adults at West deem appropriate. (Examples include: going above and beyond on a class assignment or projects, asking someone new to play with them, checking in on someone who looks like they are feeling down, helping with a class project, positive self-talk, encouraging someone else, not giving up on a tough assignment, reading outside of class, attendance etc.) Please only award one to two tokens per student at a time. Class awards, such as, 50 tokens to Blue House, can be a game-changer for who ultimately ends up winning for the 9 weeks, and should be avoided.

  • House Council is a 5th grade leadership group. They will be responsible for calculating points and assisting at house assemblies and celebrations. If you need help from House Council with something at school, please let Mrs. Nunnally know!