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Arrival & Dismissal

Arrival & Dismissal Overview

Hello Parents,

Welcome to West! We understand coming to and from school is a concern for many parents both new and seasoned. We have put together some helpful instructions to make the process flow smoothly each day. 

Morning Drop Off:

  • Left Lane needs to be kept clear for incoming staff until 7:10 am.

  • All THREE Stages are used for drop off.

  • LOOK for UNLOAD sign in each stage.

  • When the UNLOAD sign is held up, your child(ren) exits the car.

Example: Stage 1 has 4 cars and the UNLOAD sign is held up, the cars in Stage 2 STOP immediately. Staff will signal for you to stop.

Remain STOPPED until UNLOAD sign is lowered, and the staff member in your Stage tells you to dismiss.

Afternoon Pick Up:

  • Left Lane needs to be kept clear until 1:30 pm.
  • At the start of dismissal (first set of cars), only Stage 2 & Stage 3 are used. This allows cars & buses in the upper parking lot to still exit the school.
  • Starting at the beginning of the line (Stage 1), a staff member will come to each car and call the name listed on the orange tag over the intercom. The staff member will call out all Stages of names (1-3).
  • Your child(ren) will exit the building through their corresponding Stage Door.

Example: Cars in Stage 1 will look for child(ren) from Door 1, Stage 2 from Door 2, Stage 3 from Door 3.

  • Once the first set of cars is dismissed, all THREE Stages are used.

Please be aware of cars parked on the sides of the road.

Bus Rider Information:

  • Look for the backpack tags that have their bus number.

We encourage parents to refer to under the transportation tab for additional bus information.  Included is specific street pick up/drop off locations for the kids. Please follow the bus number your child is designated to ride.

Afternoon Car Rider Line Safety Procedures


  • NO cell phones in the car line...the safety of our sweet students are more important than a phone call.
  • Please make sure any transportation changes have been reported to the office and homeroom teacher before 1:30. This will ensure that your child is where he/she nees to be when leaving the school grounds.
  • Parents are asked NOT to get out of their cars and go get their can cause distractions, therefore leading to an accident.
  • Unexpected delays can happen, and should there be a delay getting to school to pick up your car rider, please call the front office with the information to let our staff know when to expect you. Once all of the other car riders have been picked up the remaining students will be taken to the front office. The office will be calling to find out when you will be arriving.